Ready for the next decade?



There is no room to sit back when
the biggest risk is to do little to nothing!
Instead, there is no end to the opportunities that can address countless
inefficiencies, archaic practices and enormous gaps
in multi-trillion dollar industries.

The perception of risks have changed drastically over the last decade and will continue with shifts is power, tolerance, business and ecosystems.
With the increase in dictatorships, some under the guise of democracy; freedom, liberty, and justice face oppression. Businesses need to keep up, if not excel just to survive.
What worked in the past is not enough as business models, technological advance, and the growing impact of disruption, especially from the giant software companies sets a new definition for the rat race.
Step wise innovation is not enough, as seen by all the companies that may already be forgotten and those still struggling to find a direction.
To quote "The Evolution of Strategic Management", (Freese, 2013)

"No matter how bad things look, it is never too late to get with the programme and turn your life around, i.e. Turn Risk into opportunities. "

The issues and solutions still require us to focus, harness what each decade offers and improve our capabilities and skills to apply strategies that work. Consider the insights and suggestions discussed in the following sections to be prepared and thrive with each challenge the next decade brings:

    • Real time reality
    • Keep up with the trends
    • The paradigm shift in risk management
    • The future is now

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