Crisis mode



With extreme uncertainty many options come into play.
Fortune for the brave, Wakeup call, Rethink business models,
Adapt, and/or get ready for the sanctions to lift and
be ready for anything.

The sense of urgency becomes apparent, when new business models compete to flourish in tough times, free from dependencies, self-sufficient and productive despite all the added constraints. These are businesses that readily adapt to customers changing needs, while leveraging on technologies that fit the situation.
These technologies will only advance in leaps and bounds as the world adapts further to manage each challenge. This is a new reality that will impact everyone.
The test of character depends on understanding the strategies in play (e.g. Keynesian Economics), political games and how well we look after each other, especially our customers and the vulnerable.
The race to manage each risk and become productive is on. A new world emerges with more advanced online activities (education, healthcare, e-commerce, direct supply, automation, robots, droids …).
The focus shift to manage more liquid assets reflects the uncertainty that continues to plague properties, businesses, and stocks.
Fear festers with unwarranted dependencies when there are and could be so many alternative options. A little imagination, creativity and collaboration could change perceived risks or what seems a dead end.
Where will we, business or industry be after the pandemic subsides?
Open mindsets, good will, collaboration and time to plan can make this transition look easy to manage any crisis as discussed with a few pearls of wisdom in the following sections:

    • Put things in perspective.
    • Clarify dependencies and better options.
    • Rethink the business model and ways to do it better.
    • Adapt to customers changing needs.
    • Make informed decisions, Prepare, position, and plan.

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There are better strategies that could be considered for every challenge. Competitive strategies are only the tip of an effective and highly productive organisation that thrives in a Dynamic environment. The competitive arena becomes clearer when the competitions strategies become transparent and can then be made redundant with an unbeatable business model and game plan. Take this opportunity to identify the void of strategies and what could be done to define a better destiny. This in turn helps broaden outlooks to develop skills in leaps and bounds while opening the door to new opportunities. Aligned goals across societies to correct poor systems will have a significant impact on future generations. Download article or subscribe to the blog. The alternative is to purchase and download each article from the shopping cart (i.e. ORDERS)

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