New prospects!



With the big software companies expanding their prospects
into more industries the question beckons;
How can individuals and small companies do the same?

Data driven decisions, automated, connected purpose, inspired, driven and focussed on common interests is just the beginning.
Instead of harping on leveraging today's strengths, it might pay to improve our insight, foresight and analytical skills to turn weaknesses to strengths and uncover how hidden talents and key strengths can be applied across industries with a measure of success.
The biggest weakness and barrier that needs to be overcome that is key to take the first step, are the limits of our own imagination that inhibits, if not blinds us to new prospects. Don't be satisfied with stepwise innovation, when more is needed to survive and thrive.
The business model to incorporate and drive start-up initiatives, flexible, open and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit to harvest the new decade dynamics sets the environment. Must be willing to do what it takes.
Consultants that offer value added advice might be baffled by the constant stubbornness that ignores good advice, judged on select experiences, beliefs and preferred illusions. To keep good relations might be costly, if a partner is shackled to the past. It’s no wonder why secrets, silos, and investment of past ideas can continue to inhibit and risk a place in the future of thriving economies. Wishful thinking, does not cut it.
Instead businesses should explore their potential with their new found freedoms. Discover the possibilities adapting skills and talents and add value to more industries. The continued discussion in the article explores the implications from the following situations:

    • From fragmented to alignment
    • Interested and motivated
    • Caught in routine or endless cycles
    • Beyond assumptions and speculations

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