The modern pioneer



To be the best that you can be
takes some grooming, focus and drive!
The modern pioneer dares to own their space;
ready, willing and able to move ahead.

The Pioneer has transitioned from the "Jack of all trades and master of none" to adopt holistic intelligence and master each key area in their space. They aspire to become the best of the best, master of their competitive advantage to constantly create value and overcome each challenge to mature and grow from strength to strength.
Even the best teams, can and do fail with good ideas and strategies. It could be from their weakest links or that they missed to address risks.
What's needed to succeed depends on each individual; to groom themselves beyond the confines of today's structures, e.g. education, roles and expectations. To then fit and compliment the team as an essential cog within the synergy to move from one success to the next.
First, discover that freedom that makes more possible, which could be a passion, untapped potential, liberty (e.g. retirement, start-up…), insight, or responsibility. Then, don't waste the opportunities and fresh perspectives, even if a little help (e.g. consultant) can get it started.
To set a blazing path as today's modern pioneer, adept to future interests and needs with the advantages of their resourcefulness and ever growing capabilities. Consider the critical attributes discussed further in this article within the following sections:

    • Beyond education
    • Constantly adapting
    • Blaze a path
    • Delivers results

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