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The author, Imo Freese is a professional engineer, business manager and consultant with more than 30 years’ experience, primarily in the Telecommunications industry, managing Project Offices and related functions with projects and businesses from all levels of scale and complexity across numerous countries. Having lived in 3 continents and 6 countries during this period, he has developed genuine insights by selecting best practices that reflect the essential ingredients for future management.

Our achievements only reflect what we make of the organisations capability against interesting challenges. The authors Pioneering trail across leading edge assignments include:
- 1st Telecommunication switch designed in Australia
- Challenge to enter the US Market
- Leading the world in ISDN
- Merger with ABB in Norway to win new customers
- Provisioning to bring new standards world- wide.
- Lifting acquisitions to make On Time, Every Time a reality
- Consulting to e-enable, manage challenges, and improve the competitive edge. Discover the unseen opportunities and risks to harness and shape our dynamic environments.
Some issues for many businesses include:
- Making the most of technology
- How to manage growth, culture and maturity.
- Business opportunities, Innovation to design better business models
- Optimise efforts, introduce best practices and efficiently tackle new challenges.
- Improve your competitive edge, drivers and lead with success.
- Direct support to charities and communities.

All which requires not only the drive to succeed but a commitment to raise the organisations capability to the next maturity level to match the challenge, e.g. improved profits, productivity, creativity, quality and efficiency, i.e. creating value based systems as referenced by “The Evolution of Strategic Management” (

Abstract of the book:

Theme for this book: Your goal is closer than you think, with the right strategy.  With strategies for everyone, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to challenge your creative thinking.

The inspiration for this book has been the void seen through the multitude of business management books promoting old practices that only set more boundaries and limits. In addition, the number of Strategy documents without any resemblance of a strategy in sight is mind boggling. Many documents outline goals and respective actions and completely skip the strategy. Don’t laugh; this is evident in many bureaucracies. Another motivation for this book came from international business conferences that give inspiration through the diversity of its participants and the repetition of basic principles. But, they also reflected a sense that many organisations are still functioning with practices over 20 years old, and most have little concept of their future challenges as identified with their inability to get serious about their approach. MBA courses only covered the basics, with little hope for Strategic Management to evolve without some help.

Magic is relatively easy, but miracles take time.

The only magic bullet is enlightenment with the getting of wisdom. Like any advice, it cannot help you unless you are willing to put in the hard work to help yourself.  The most magical are the first steps that could bring the most significant and immediate results.

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