Post any awakening, post mortem, post analysis
can set the incentive for the next transformation.
So what makes our next reinvention a success
Business models can cave
more rapidly to the pace of change?

When beliefs are shaken to its core it’s time to consider a transformation that is more likely to succeed, mitigate any unforseen risk and become more robust and sustainable in the process.
Like most transformations, unless the key issues are resolved it might become another band aid solution, if not another smokescreen that masks more serious risks. Innovations may not be enough when the world innovates further ahead and builds more capabilities.
Does the current business model fit the inevitable future?
When the current thinking that Business models will last 3 to 5 years becomes out dated and even the biggest organisations can fold within a year, it's time to rethink and reinvent the business again.
Like the banks that think they are invincible with the best and fastest computers; that may not be enough, if they cannot adapt fast enough to change. Welcome to the fickle world that may blindside many industries. Start-ups should hold their ground, not to be bought up by the big organisations, when their ideas could make a difference. Let's face it, when the business is part of the problem change in never enough.
Consider the thoughts and concepts that can help the next reinvention of your business, as discussed further in this article:

  • Enhanced awareness
  • Broaden horizons and pace
  • Jugaad
  • Adventurous
  • Reimagine what's possible

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