“The Evolution of Strategic Management by Imo Freese” aims to lift Strategic Management to a new level essential for all Business Course updates.
It provides
- A means to see past the illusions and limitations of current practices.
- The inside scoop to design better game plans / strategies.
- An awareness to make existing strategies transparent and bridge the gap to the unknown.
- Insights into business models to appreciate today’s challenges and opportunities.
- A fresh mind set to tackle most of the world’s elusive challenges.

This book represents a priceless investment for a better future. Value that can not be matched in this day of Management books reiterating old practices.

The consequence of not taking this vital step for your future is more than missing another opportunity. The gap that remains is not to realise the vast ocean of opportunities /risks that exist that defines your growing gap to the competition. Thus, time is critical for many that face enormous challenges and are still not aware of the shape of things to come.

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