Seize the moment, Carpe Tempore!


Seize the moment is about stepping out of the
comfort zone to recognise and explore the opportunities.

It gets easier with each opportunity seized, as risks diminish, confidence is raised and fears are dismissed as irrelevant. Challenges can be managed while any delusions or unfounded beliefs become a source of leverage against any competition as they fear to tread. With added competence value creation becomes instinctive and abilities improve to be more receptive and quick to recognize and seize the next opportunity; ready and prepared to step up as needed.
Who is ready to become a mover and shaker?
A number of key skills and attributes are needed while pursuing any particular interest. Whether it is wealth creation, social reform, property investment, survival or any problem, gap or challenge that gives rise to opportunities
It might be difficult to predict the future with any certainty, but there are signs, trends, instincts, and insights that with practice highlight the highly probable to stage a plan of action. With each crisis, event or change, some will remain confused others indifferent, unaware or insightful.
Who is willing to invest in themselves to build this competence?
The biggest risk is to do nothing and let life pass by or let fate do its worst.
Consider the following sections of this article as the initial steps to a more interesting path and surprise yourself:-

  • Learn to explore, adapt and engage
  • From the plausible to the sublime
  • Leverage
  • Courageous and disciplined

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