Who will save Creativity?


Creativity is expected to save us, but who will save creativity,
when so few are willing to give it a go?
We take too much for granted, when the fact is that
we can change more than we imagine.

The value of creativity is indeed in the eye of the beholder and under the microscope, provided they can appreciate and adopt a perspective in tune with a better reality. Open to evaluate and consider the unknown beyond any conception of today's reality.
Confabulation must be widespread when so many are caught in a distorted reality. Poor assumptions, unreasonable expectations and blind understandings of profits, systems, processes, and decisions tend to lead to significant loss of value. This can inhibit and cloud judgements and the initial purpose or cause, e.g. caught endlessly fundraising without real results or the prospect to change.
To give a new idea a go, the value proposition must be realised with a better appreciation of the challenges involved. It helps to understand the vision and how it is likely to evolve, overcome barriers and bridge differences. The many systems fixated on more ideas need better implementation strategies to overcome the critical challenges with sustainable solutions that everyone may appreciate and benefit.
In the age of convenience the quest for instant gratification comes at a price, when creativity is lost or forsaken with many values and principals. A flexible adaptive mindset is needed for a broader perspective to imagine what is not only possible, but the drive, support and energy to make it happen.
Consider the measures discussed further in this article to turn risk into opportunity, find value in new ideas and how to engage and proceed with so many innovations in synch:

  • Overcome unconscious biases
  • Adjust expectations
  • Restore hope and trust.
  • Results build momentum
  • Bridge the unknown

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