Build bridges


To build and cross cultural bridges takes the
courage, wisdom and strength of our convictions.
Miracles are not only possible, but well deserved
with a little faith, drive, and understanding.

There is so much that divides us, when it could be so easy to bridge those gaps with a little wisdom, foresight and creativity that goes a long way to each miracle. "Magic may be easy, but miracles take time".
The norm maybe the level of distrust in Business to Business relations, combative, siloed or the unrest with Government standards, signs of corruption and key challenges degrading our societies. No doubt, there are not enough people willing to take the risk with the desperately needed steps to build cultural bridges that can solve most issues.
Everyone wants solutions, but it's easier to remain impartial and let things stand or hope that someone is willing to do what's needed.
To consider the risk or be willing to give it a go starts an adventure that can close many gaps. It builds respect, kills segregation and merges the best of all worlds. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks, reciprocated with each commitment.
Why remain cautious, risk adverse or in siloes when an enormous potential could be unleashed in our networks with a few easy steps as discussed further within the following sections of this article:

  • Appreciate the potential benefits
  • Navigate the barriers, stigmas and challenges
  • Do it better with power
  • Adapt to the new realities

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