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Beat the odds



Albert Einstein said it best "we can't solve problems
with the same kind of thinking that created them"

An extraordinary effort is needed to improve the odds in what is now considered the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world at the dawn of digital disruption. Yet, innovation might be at its infancy when a massive potential remains. Efforts to capitalize on a 4th Industrial revolution still have room to appreciate the 5G Network, Megatrends, and new technologies to conceptualise their potential.
Industries, desperate to innovate have shown some headway to improve; but, little to curve the inevitable threat that remains. A tidal wave of disruption might restore hope and bring relief to unsatisfied customers, lost under unscrupulous tactics.
Customers that have lost value with organisations eager to profit, lost hope to deteriorating systems, and lost any drive with more signs of corruption.
It's not hard to identify the tainted industries from banks, insurance, telcos to those floundering with poor business models that bring little value and may be described as a pain.
The wake-up call and some suggested measures to improve are discussed further with the following sections:

  • The Dream Team
  • Success or failure
  • Brains trust
  • Business Plan/Canvas
  • Innovation++

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