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What’s Next? Mindset adjustment

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WhatisNBe wise, informed and with our minds eye consider
the decisions and actions for a better future!

When everyone is looking for answers, many turn to Megatrends to understand how individuals, businesses, industries or countries are impacted. We should be considering how to mitigate future risks.
Scarce resources, diminishing habitats, growing and aging populations, digitally led lifestyles, accelerated technologies, increased connectivity to raised expectations, and increased consumer power apply unfathomed pressures on today’s societies. Most may be ill equipped for these prospects. Increased disasters, terrorism, corruption, drug abuse and crime become just a few of the concerns as we face an uncertain future, shaped by materialistic expectations.
Does this sound familiar?? " I want it now, if not earlier, with more features, and cheaper than ever before". What we get is just more promotions, more bugs, products that don’t last, added costs and consequently more waste. The Digital world also brings constant virtual stimuli, more distractions, limited choice, and rising prices that in turn lead to more drug abuse, extreme levels of poverty and rising health issues.
The first step is to acknowledge the forces as work. For example, China has transformed itself from an Agricultural economy to Industrial to an advanced service economy modelled on Hong Kong’s free economy with their vertical democracy. This was achieved during the last decade with a focus to emancipate minds and with the worlds help (innovative resources {arrows}) to transform its ailing industries. The rest of the world probably needs to restart its own freedom of spirit, to demystify any uncertainty and find that passion to get results.
Every individual can consider this mindset adjustment with better insights, choices and steps to become resilient as discussed further in this article:

  • Do more with less.
  • Counteract unfavourable trends.
  • Define the risks that need mitigation
  • Set the path to a more certain future

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