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The theory of everything – Decisions

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Decisions, Decisions: How to avert disasters, forge a better future,
enable and act on opportunities are only possible as we evolve!

Our decisions set the platform that enables and fuels our ambitions.
It can either raise or inhibit our potential as we strive for something better or succumb to self-imposed limitations and unconscious routines. With a little effort and the appropriate focus this platform can be developed further to enable more prospects, and expand horizons with each challenge.
Beyond the bodies of knowledge
remains vast dimensions still to be explored to create more eureka moments that are only limited by our imaginations, skills and capabilities. With each threshold we begin to appreciate new strategies and achieve sustainable solutions.
In contrast, low aspirations inspire more shortcomings to overlook or dismiss issues when the status quo prevails while clinging to poor tactics and strategies. Like many complacency traps that keep within a comfort zone and profess success with little to no expectations. Ignorance may be bliss when that perspective is rationalised with unconscious biases or unfounded beliefs.
With a myriad of trappings to railroad our choice and options that only get more sophisticated with time, it becomes critical to improve our decision making capabilities. STOP, REVIEW, ANALYSE, DECIDE and CREATE more constructive plans to change our lives, businesses and future prospects.
It's as easy as taking a break from a fool's paradise, endless struggle or just stuck repeating the same mistakes or pattern of decisions. This article explores the decision making capabilities that must evolve as discussed in the following sections:

  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making skills
  • Unconscious to planned decisions

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From opinions to counselling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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