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The mindset paradigm

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With the age of convenience we have moved from
rose coloured glasses to fishbowl transparency with
so many bubbles of hopeless systems, waiting to be disrupted!

Financial Technology, Fintech might have inspired many to do it better than the banks to help their transformation and keep up with new ideas and technology. But, customer dissatisfaction and distrust just continues despite strategies and tactics to quell any uprising. This unrest still spells the need for something better. Where customer centric considers customer requirements instead of a means to appease and manipulate.
Life is as easy or as difficult as we make it, reflects on decision, focus and aptitude capabilities. Those decisions are influenced by a grasp of reality that may be tainted by the many bubbles. Each spins their own illusions to create cultures so customers can accept their inevitable fate.
Success becomes easy with the right maturity and focus. As expert mentorship still goes a long way to avoid costly mistakes. Sometimes the combined experiences of those facing the challenges can unleash revelations to break the bonds and barriers. This experience enables most to shed the myths, and self-constraints to pursue worthy visions as success breeds success. The rest may insist on their self-fulfilling prophecy when they shrink from challenges and support an unsustainable bubble.
The mindset paradigm is simply to get to the truth of each challenge by digging deep enough to appreciate the strategies involved and how they are likely to play out and engage widespread innovation to enable better solutions. First, we must learn to recognise the truth, and not dismiss it as we shed convenient illusions.
It's amazing how some fundamental beliefs can be so wrong to influence our decisions, and consequently inhibit and set us on the wrong path.
This article discusses a few areas to unravel the fish bowl transparency bubbles and their cultures by converting the age of convenience prevalent mindset to set us free to innovate the following:

  • Decision making
  • Body of knowledge
  • Gap between Sales and Marketing
  • Balanced Score Card dimensions
  • Disrupt the many hopeless bubbles

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From opinions to counselling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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