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Connect, drive and thrive

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Discover the entrepreneur within and connect for better prospects!

Connecting great idea’s to establish a viable business case takes more than research for solutions, venture capital, intellectual property or bright concepts; as entrepreneurial skills are needed to connect strategy to the enterprise, as part of innovation. Thus, innovation does not end at conception, or with the initial prospects, e.g. WiFi extends well beyond its conception; towards a $trillion prospect, if managed.
The connection starts by collecting the right team that can overcome all the challenges. Each complements each other and creates the capability and maturity to evolve and thrive towards greater challenges. The level of maturity is typically defined by the weakest link; that needs to be converted to build from strength to strength.

e.g. This 5 minute survey identifies the weakest link with instant results.
[Results are automatically calculated, generated and emailed,
keep it to follow-up on how to convert those weaknesses.]

Maturity evolves with every achievement, barrier or threshold crossed, insight and experience to uphold new standards and reach the next potential. Yet, most use the same buzz words and terminology, but have distinct understandings and capabilities to reflect different levels of maturity. Our diversity contributes to our combined capabilities, which are essential to compete and advance to better prospects under adversity with ingenuity, insight and drive to succeed; rather than accept second place. No prize for second place, just the experience to improve.
Don't retire before time, get pigeon holed, fall short or in line if new adventures await with some collaboration towards an untapped potential. Start a dialogue to break some barriers and either starts a new movement or support a good cause. National/Global success requires a national/global effort, an innovative culture where everyone collaborates.
Strategic Management will not only secure the best game plan to achieve the desired goals, it uncovers poor tactics and strategies in play.
Commercialising and development of interesting ideas requires added value creation by dismantling boundaries, overcoming thresholds, and closing the gaps as discussed further in the sections of this article by uncovering many of the cracks that most ignore:

  • Explore and fill the gaps
  • Decision making
  • Risk management
  • Business Case
  • Manage strategies

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From opinions to councelling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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