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Direction, enlightenment, purpose, hope and peace
can evolve from our resolutions!
Define the stairway to our own destiny through fitness,
health, peace and life!

It is easy to ignore the big challenges, or repeat the same mistakes from year to year to get nowhere fast. Why not reconsider what we value, what we don’t, and what we would like to improve in a staircase to our own definition of heaven.
Before embarking on the next set of resolutions a good dose of reality can help appreciate what may be important at this time of life and what will work for a better future. Identify the habits and routines that have not helped, and their connection to destructive trends or systems, e.g. corruption, discrimination, violent behaviour, rising prices, financial difficulties…to at least set a positive direction. Rethinking the vicious cycles that contribute to our detriment with sometimes dire consequences will take some thought.
Why not use these realisations to fuel the drive for resolutions that can improve our lives, and that of future generations. Typical resolutions might include:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Dislodge any contributions to corruption or dysfunctional systems.
  • Be prepared for any situation.
  • Financial security.
  • Quality time with the family.
  • Break a record or move up a level.
  • Discover romance or be a better friend.
  • Outstanding tasks, issues..e.g.(bucket list)
  • New skills and capabilities.
  • Quit addictions or bad habits.
  • Fitness.
  • Improved health (mind, body & soul)
  • Live life to its fullest.
  • Take up the challenge.
  • Make a difference, or pursue a good cause.
  • Spiritual fulfillment as we face our own mortality.
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Innovate, plan, and achieve.
  • Each challenge may need a plan that span years with a target for next year. In addition, ineffective organisations with vicious cycles that impact the challenge may require a serious overhaul. With collaboration this is possible by using some influence or withholding financial contributions to encourage the acceptance of constructive requirements, i.e. change towards improved transparency and a positive direction.
    Some steps and valued advice to consider in the next plan to manage these challenges are discussed further in this article with the following:

    • Rethink our position
    • Discover new opportunities
    • Be smart, positive and focussed
    • Convert any weakness and build on strengths.
    • Engage and contribute to a bigger vision or good cause.
    • Build a culture for innovation; enabling, inspiring, encouraging and supporting each other.

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