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A word to the wise

Do we need a reality check or consciousness awakening to join the Age of Wisdom?

We might agree that wisdom is more than intelligence as we add experience, knowledge and creativity to be like King Solomon to solve our current issues and challenges.

If we depend on the rich and powerful for words of wisdom, then we may have problems when we encounter our own crisis.

 Why wait for a crisis to find wisdom?

We may be stuck in the pitfalls of each age and need to a mentor or maturity to advance.

e.g. Age of information > still searching for the truth in the midst of misinformation, deception and out dated data.

Age of convenience > inhibited to develop when conditioned to accept the plausible.

Age of knowledge > confused by so many distorted realities with the fish bowl effect and so called professionals with unconscious biases.

“The Age of Wisdom”,     explores what it means to part of this Age.


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