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Break free from routine

Routine could be dangerous to our health and livelihoods.

Mindless activities could lead us to dementia, or replace us with Robots. Think before ticking that box, as there could be a better way.

One sad truth is the lack of analytical abilities that exists in many jobs.

Doctors are great for what they know, Lawyers quiver at statistics;

 in fact each task and routine sets limitations with routines

that do not cater for every situation and only create new vulnerabilities.

Look in the mirror as Artificial Intelligent bots

start their journey offering limited options.

Most systems have stopped short at solving our major issues,

as they only escalate potential risks,

e.g.Cancer, Dementia,Chronic conditions, Security, Corruption or obscurity …

Its time we took an interest and developed the skills, motivation and drive to be the champions that can do something more constructive.

Businesses can do it better, face turbulent times, disruptive impacts,

the fast pace and solve issues on the fly.

Discover sustainability with value added products and services.

Governments can focus on governing instead of playing politics,

 blaming someone other than themselves.

They should be working together to actually achieve something significant. Otherwise their credibility will only get worse. , “Dare to Excel” explores a simple framework to be a champion and excel where it counts.

Good luck and ask for help if needed, as we are not alone.

Enjoy the insights.

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