Rethink reality!



We don't have to imagine the worst to find a significant contrast to reality.
Western logic, dialectical reasoning and the confines of global isolation impose their own
limitations to influence our decision making and development prospects.
Let's expand our minds eye and take a quantum leap into reality!

In an age when we have the most knowledge, scientist, engineers and technologies at our grasp, it's a wonder why progress is stifled.
With endless claims from studies in health, wealth and education, if reputations were held accountable, this practice might change. Real progress continues to take a back seat to these claims. It is probably more hype to attract funding, interest or prospective clients. Most surveys are not interested in change, when they only support their own conclusions and products. Complacency only breeds contempt and more illusions. This is when assumptions have drastic consequences.
Our unconscious biases have become a vital tool for politicians and businesses as more data is sought to exploit by manipulating reality.
How susceptible are we to social influence?
Unfortunately, this deception extends into many fundamental beliefs that influence our decisions on a daily basis. Succumbing to what's convenient probably nourishes more unconscious biases that restrict and diminish our abilities to analyse effectively, and hamper our potential to develop. Where are all the independent assessments?
Consider how to find reality and build better habits while aligning our thoughts with the concepts discussed in the rest of this article:

  • False assumptions {Face the harsh reality}
  • Conclusions
  • Challenges
  • Drive
  • Mental agility

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