Lift the Boardroom!



Start the year by expanding the prospects to excel!
Shake, rattle and roll the organisation into the next century
with a more dynamic board.

Fresh ideas, inspiration and a better direction go a long way to revitalise and strengthen the drive into the next year.
Shake up any dead wood, and inject the skills and enthusiasm that diversity allows.
If missing; then add a devil's advocate, seasoned experts and the mindfulness of youth to help the boardroom members out of their doldrums.
Beware not to repeat another year like the last, or the last 10 years as blindly repeating the same, rationalised as success, leads to unforseen risks and missed opportunities.
Live and lead with innovation, not just lip service and strive to want and challenge more!
Question; what strategies are still relevant? And ask why not?
Group Think
is a real problem, that is too easily dismissed, but evident when annual reports don't change, and critical issues lie dormant.
There is no better time to shake, rattle and roll, to weed out the conflicts of interest, weakest links, and shake-up the board room, as the buck (shift responsibility) really should stop there.

Some measures to find that WOW factor and excel once again are discussed in the following sections of this article:

  • Non-for-profit are destined to outperform its counterparts.
  • Board challenges
  • Boost, if not change the board dynamics
  • Keep ahead of the competition and potential risks
  • Board style that's likely to survive the next 5 years.

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