Ready for AI and more Strategic inflection points?



Disruption brings musical chairs on a broad scale!
Our creative, moral & conscious differences
can set the mode for job creation!

We should not fear the unknown to harness the potential a new age brings. When quantum computers hits the market within the next 5 years, Artificial intelligence will more than likely be propelled in more directions that impacts most jobs as new industries create a reality that might not be conceivable today.
AI's growing capacity already highlights many beneficial characteristics with faster decision making, precision, predictive and versatility to eliminate human errors with each advance and algorithm.
Current industries need to reinvent or face the consequences as new industries will emerge. It's not inconceivable to have robots in every field and position to add today's missing dynamic. Some jobs might be transformed to manage the extended capabilities, interface to do what the robots can't do, or to regulate any possible consequences.
So, where is that creative spirit to embrace job creation?
Imagine tackling more complex issues, make sense of big data, from the fuzzy to creative solutions. As business models and strategies become redundant, each change gives rise to new prospects.
The race is on, not to be left behind, but to augment intelligence, skills and capabilities as discussed in the next sections of this article:

  • Fresh mindset
  • Retention and recruitment
  • Cultural changes
  • Job creation
  • Critical considerations

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