What’s next? – Alignment



Beyond political rivalry, desperate survival, blissful ignorance and hidden agendas
is the realm of possibilities, greater potentials and
a combined capacity to make miracles happen!

The third pillar towards a transformation that creates or restores the competitive edge is "Alignment". An alignment to keep up with broader visions, ambitions, best practices, and combine competences to forge innovative frontiers with a new found wisdom.
With the mindset and understanding to achieve the cutting edge, the next step is to align the capabilities, ingenuity and drive to make it happen. This entails the prospects of first catching up, building bridges to the unknown, and working through the political, technical, and financial barriers.
The cutting edge must be sustainable, which imposes more demands to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s dynamic environment this requires an increased competence and understanding with the ingenuity to secure numerous advantages, and safeguards.
The forefront conjures the need to be aware of the turbulence outside the eye of the storm. Develop an innate ability to realise and seize opportunities. First, we must identify and negotiate the value past the storm to engage and align efforts with continuous innovation as discussed in the following sections:

  • Beyond chaos and politics
  • Competitive advantage
  • Manage expectations
  • Visions, goals and plans

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