The theory of everything-Original thought

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Our potential lies in what we enable, develop and do!
Unleash that potential with our own targets towards the TOE!

The advantage to pursue our own theory of everything, TOE is to prepare ourselves for those baffling challenges that leave most perplexed. We need to develop the mindset that can evolve beyond a world riddled with different forms of conditioning and endless limitations to appreciate the complexity of life as we lift our basic skills, upskill.
This is to enable more Eureka moments, where past theories become superfluous. To break down the disciplines that are key to evolve and develop further, let’s consider the next series of articles with a focus on:

  • Original thought, ☼{this article}
  • Analysis, 
  • Decision making,�
  • Creativity,*∞

With a little confidence and self-belief we can realise that the value of original thoughts and ideas can touch and enhance every aspect of our lives to enable direction, solutions and constructive development. It helps to widen the gap from the mundane and unacceptable.
We become the masters of our own destiny by the decisions we make and the direction that we pursue. Not only to shape us as individuals; but, how we interact with our immediate environments, and the impact can we make together for today and the future.
The visions and challenges that we set ourselves, ripple through time as can the consequences when our potential and that of future generations is either inhibited or nourished.
Some of the elements that are essential to master and achieve original thought are discussed further in this article, which includes:

  • Realisations
  • Dependencies
  • Visions and Challenges
  • Initial steps

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From opinions to counselling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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