Critical skills for decision making.

Good decisions are not based on titles, qualifications, or popularity;
Try compassion, intelligence and lots of imagination, knowledge and skills.!

The way we make decisions can have a significant impact in all our lives from business to daily decisions that can affect our success and quality of life.
Some decisions can have devastating consequences or impact our reputation or financial situation to create a long and difficult challenge to recover.
We can all appreciate the many situations that can result in poor decisions, from a lack of knowledge to emotional reactions, like impulse buying that can cripple any budget even if budgeting enables better choices.
We tend to be limited and habitual in how we make decisions, unconsciously constrained by our own understanding, the politics of the situation, conditioning and clouded influences to be driven by emotions, need to conform, rationalise, compromise, meet expectations, avoid any risk or commitment.
There is an opportunity to make better decisions if we make decision making a more conscious process and develop key capabilities. Some areas that we could improve beyond the traditional models include :

  • Broader intelligence.
  • Drive to pursue a better understanding and much needed insights.
  • Critical thinking and analytical abilities.
  • Decision making strategies.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Simple steps to decision making and navigation.

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