Why accept the inevitable?

Diminishing returns, lost market share, continued losses, or just stagnant expecting the market forces to close inn are all symptoms of accepting a level of defeat, as many dynamics are taken for granted.
To become sustainable means to rise above all these forces to develop from strength to strength, secured with a vision that can shape your future.
First you need to open your eyes to what you probably already know about those dynamics, but may be held back with conventional thinking. It is interesting how the gap to the unknown can be reduced by appreciating the complexity and gradually eliminating the many self-imposed limitations.
Like our history of mathematics that was defined in linear terms, to discover and appreciate complexity allows a new mindset towards realising better game plans for many issues that have lingered with no effective solution.
It may be sufficed to question today’s management practices by saying that we have significantly more than 6 forces to describe the market dynamics. To quote “The Evolution of Strategic Management by Imo Freese”, “Most businesses shrink to what their manager can manage…”
They obviously need help to tackle those elusive challenges, impossible thresholds or just to identify a better direction, better game plan and address many issues that remain ignored.
There is hope with collaboration with many in the same situation, yet they are held back as trust diminishes in a dog eat dog world. To conclude with another quote from the same book, “No matter how bad things look, it is never too late to get with the programme and turn your life around, i.e. Turn Risk into opportunities.”

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