Points that illustrate the value of the Book

• Understand that there are so many Business Plans with actions labelled as strategies that reflect the organisations inability to evolve or consider their full potential.
• Raise your mindset to how strategies have and continue to evolve and the consequences that make many strategies transparent to help us realise the effect of the current goals and strategies, when we could do so much better.
• Today’s education and literature related to strategy needs to evolve to appreciate how the old competitive strategies has become so generic rendering them ineffective.
• Many Good Intentions could be misplaced with little appreciation of the dynamics and potential consequences without the appropriate game plan.
• Identify more powerful drivers beyond the synergy of a common vision, mission, and culture.
• Unlock the potential of social networking to build effective teams with endless sources of inspiration.
• Understand today’s real dynamic environments with a complexity shaped by conflicting incentives and misplaced efforts towards inefficient models for industries and enterprises.
• Appreciate that significantly improved productivity is possible with Maturity (Innovate, evolve and overcome cultural limitations), wisdom, skills and by bridging the gap to the unknown.
• Recognise best practices (overcome the illusion some practices offer that make many a slave to new tools)
• Fascinate, engage (discover the reality that affects us all and that may be critical to your business or personal pursuits)
• The inspiration for a new direction is likely with the many new ideas, revelations and opportunities that are uncovered.
• Develop the skills to innovate and create better strategies, make better decisions, analyse with clarity of what the future brings.
• Hope can be restored for the most difficult challenges with unified goals and direction, as no challenge is insurmountable.
• We can make the world a better place by addressing what seems like an insurmountable array of issues? Continually ignoring them is part of the problem.
• Many of the world’s key challenges are discussed in the book, with some explanation on why they have not been addressed and what can be done to get serious about better solutions.
• Discover how to break undesirable cycles and reinvent the systems that have lost their way and are only getting worse, or that have become so corrupt that redemption seems unthinkable.
• Consider more interesting challenges to test and develop your abilities.
• This is a source of inspiration and foresight for many businesses and individuals.

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