Surviving the modern war



Economic wars, cyber wars and power struggles
continue to impact business, trust and our future prospects by
undermining opportunities to unite and collaborate.

Governments might lead this debacle with their fears and ideas to
secure economic stability, national security and promises of a more certain future. Fears that lead to more secrets, power plays, and overzealous control define our prison as a society.
What type of prison does this impose on the nation? When their back door measures, privacy infringements, unwarranted scrutiny of the innocent and each media circus influence justice, sovereignty risk becomes real. Meanwhile businesses suffer as Trust is battered for everyone to lose confidence with the Government, assumed to be pulling the strings while corruption and terrorism thrives in that atmosphere.
This situation only deteriorates without smarter solutions as this trend continues to escalate without some sound management.
It’s easier to hack than protect, exploit than harness, judge than make peace. It’s our global unity that brings hope over well intentioned modern dictatorships/democracy that is destined for self-destruction with one type of war or another.
There are measures we can all take to remedy this situation as discussed further in this article within the following sections:

    • Be mindful, be informed, be prepared
    • Make the most of technology
    • Reform, upgrade, and transform
    • Hack the so called hackers
    • Keep the bastards honest
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There are better strategies that could be considered for every challenge.
Competitive strategies are only the tip of an effective and highly productive organisation that thrives in a Dynamic environment.
The competitive arena becomes clearer when the competitions strategies become transparent and can then be made redundant with an unbeatable business model and game plan.
Take this opportunity to identify the void of strategies and what could be done to define a better destiny. This in turn helps broaden outlooks to develop skills in leaps and bounds while opening the door to new opportunities. Aligned goals across societies to correct poor systems will have a significant impact on future generations.
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Surviving the modern war
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