What’s missing in Service Management?


Once upon a time, many years ago
Service meant something with slogans
like "the customer is always right".

When mass marketing for profit and customer relations becomes an illusion of customer focus, customers soon confront the gaps in the organisation. Gaps that uncover loaded surveys designed to paint pretty pictures, useless services, hidden scams, processes that offer little flexibility, and the sinkhole between customer's expectations and services that they do not need or want.

Unfortunately, this is a trend that only gets worse as industries follow suit. More frazzle, dazzle and lip service than value, quality and integrity. Most might never have experienced quality service to accept this trend as options diminish with monopolies, oligopolies and an alignment of bad practices. A fool's paradise until disrupted.

Customer Focus has become a misnomer for exploiting, scamming, and misleading customers with the illusion of useful services. Lip service like listening and improving is relative, yet distant from the customer’s expectations. It’s time to face the moment of truth and plan accordingly.

Discontent will only grow to welcome disruptions until the gaps are addressed, as discussed further in this article:

  • Take a number. Service minded?
  • Immature Artificial Intelligence, AI.
  • Fewer options and more fine print conditions
  • The window of opportunity
  • Reinvent or become another self-fulfilling prophesy

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