Changing the odds


It's more than chance outcomes
when we understand how to change the odds.

Even the most unpredictable situations have their bias or loop holes that can change the odds. It's more about understanding it and how to design a strategy that works to secure its successful execution.
It's too easy to succumb to the odds and accept defeat when a more positive mindset can make anything possible. A little insight into the probabilities involved and how each advantage is derived, opens the door to negotiate, change the rules, set better conditions and secure the desired advantage. That's when no challenge is too difficult, and we learn how to play to our strengths.
We do not have to accept false realities, poor odds, house advantages, or remain vulnerable to be exploited. In this age of convenience, limited options impose conditions or illusions where very few actually win and the rest are disadvantaged. When there are many options that can be created, even if it is to invest in ourselves or a cause that brings hope for the future. Discover the sure thing for more positive outcomes.
So what are the odds of winning or doing something never imagined?
Consider some ideas to change the odds for each situation as described in the following sections of this article:

  • De-confounding a clear advantage
  • Improving the odds
  • That illusive loophole, bias, or trick
  • The sure thing

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