Perseverance knows no limits


Why settle for less, when a little perseverance
can uncover a better reality, more prospects, the strength,
resilience and drive to improve beyond imagination.

To feel euphoric is to experience life and feel in charge, like the Finnish achieve Sisu, the mindset for courage and resilience with any adversity. We do not need to jump into icy waters, but to know that we can do it, in search of new challenges and strive to improve rather than take the easy way. Each country has its redeeming qualities that highlight different levels of perseverance and its many characteristics.
Each threshold, achievement or new insight brings us that much closer to build the capability, courage, stamina, intelligence and resilience to manage and master the next, potentially more devastating challenge. Transform life's mundane, hopeless, struggles, growing resistance, bad practices or any adversity with the perseverance to do it.
Consider the wisdom, character, humour and insights needed to appreciate, learn, grow and mature with perseverance. Understand how we draw strength from our own emotional elasticity to know, do and repeat what is not only possible, but inevitable. This article describes this journey and potential benefits within the following sections:

  • The perseverance mindset
  • From strength to strength
  • The shape of things to come
  • Achieve the inconceivable

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