Business rules!


Tradition is still more comfortable than the truth as
Business continues to dictate our beliefs and direction.

Businesses continue the struggle of Principals above personal gain.
Yet, many businesses that forged their place on the mantle of Giants have played a part to distort humanities grasp of reality.
The age of comfort was born from the ignorance of products that we do not need to a legacy of many of today's chronic conditions.
We should know better now, in the information age. Instead addictions, deceptions, illusions, false hype, distorted values and obscure beliefs prevail. It's probably all part of popular dominant marketing tactics and unnecessary risks. Simply, those that cheat only cheat themselves.
Modern Businesses that want to change these traditions to respect enlightened consumers, can offer a vision, transparency, real value, and the capability to deliver as promised. This can be a more sustainable model that shares the challenges and the rewards to shape a future we can all appreciate. To free humanity from the rat race chaos and restore a better grasp of reality, purpose and direction.
To curve this trend, consider some thoughts pertinent to these challenges, so hope and trust can be restored. This can build a network of collaboration between likeminded individuals and organisations, as discussed in the following sections of this article:

  • Awaken the competitive mentality
  • Recognise and appreciate strategies
  • Shared legacy
  • Sustainability

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