The Spirit of Openness


The Spirit of Openness is alive and thriving
in mass collaboration and in most
modern innovation systems.

Who is still stuck labouring through uncertain network relations, tethering with mind boggling problems or questioning the value of current networks?

It might pay to consider some of the lessons from those enterprises and pioneers that have made the spirit of openness look easy.
Everyone can always take it to the next level and appreciate the potential rewards, knowledge creation and capability creation that start with shared thoughts.
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How to enable the spirit of openness, engage and participate?

How to toss key problems to the world and let everyone pitch in?
Combine our experiences and understanding to build dynamic networks.
See how Peer to peer prospects can emerge as we review success stories and how they enable creativity and empower us to do more.
Each industry and organization can benefit with free publicly accessible databases that inspire creativity and unite the enthusiastic.
Global support changes the futility of each crisis, when everyone networks with their information to find, pinpoint those in trouble or offer unique solutions.
There is an army of volunteers with a little time to spare, an untapped network waiting for a good cause or purpose to engage. Explore some of the lessons from mass collaboration with the following sections of this article:

  • Evolving Platforms
  • Amplify impact
  • Outwit and outmanoeuvre traditions
  • Political freedom

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