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The ripples of disruption



When good ideas subside to revolutionary concepts,
there is no time to sit idly by!
As these transcend industries more transformations are enabled!

Start a ripple with a fresh perspective that leverages on key skills and resources to do it better, faster and to stay ahead of the game. Disrupt the archaic and disruptors with better strategies and business models.
Each new disruptor has the potential to shake, if not gobble up the aging industries, not to mention the power houses that strive to dominate at all cost.
Anyone can venture into a space that complements, inspires and drives a network of collaboration, to become the best of the best. It's as easy as embracing innovation, to adopt technologies, best practices and strive to create a better tomorrow.
Each ripple can become a wave that sweeps across businesses, industries and countries with concepts and technologies that forge a new path. 3D printing, Nanotechnology, RFID, Beacons, Blockchain, IoT, Biometrics, Genomics, AI, Big Data, Cloud, Robotics, to virtual and augmented realities have defined their ripples in numerous ponds. Each is just itching to expand and solve more challenges and close the critical gaps. Some useful tips in this journey include how to tackle the following challenges that are discussed further in this article:

  • Limited information/insight bubbles
  • Multidiscipline skills
  • Prospects beyond monopolies
  • Mass interest for mass support
  • The dynamics of innovation
  • The rewards

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