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The theory of everything – Creative

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Make any dream a reality with the essence of creativity!
The tricks/ magic to make it happen, just need to be nurtured!

In the theory of everything creative we uncover the essence of creativity that knows no bounds. This is unlike the popular concepts of innovation, riddled with boundaries, conditions and expectations based on political or commercial interests for growth and wealth.
Connectivity and advances in technologies might bring the world closer together. But, each generation encounters a diminished potentialdespite expectations of wider prospects. This inhibition is reflected by the restrictions imposed by poor cultures and fears that dictate our self- imposed prisons or limitations. As words lose their lustre when dictionaries become politically correct to embrace negative definitions and distrustful sentiments, so are mindsets shaped by their environment.
To break free from this self-fulfilling prophecy we need to reconnect with values to enable, invigorate and drive passions and conviction that can overcome any adversity. Compassion, international morality, the hunger for knowledge, insight and foresight forms the foundation that ignites that creative spark and the determination that makes dreams come true.
Our creativity needs and must evolve to harness our potentially immortal works, assuming we have mastered original thought (free from illusions and dependencies), harnessed analytical skills and techniques, and engaged with effective decision making. Nurturing creativity then becomes a life-long pursuit that builds on our abilities
and capabilities as described in the following sections:

  • Value focussed reality
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Stimulating innovation
  • Change the future.

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