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Why compromise security and privacy?

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The crack in Cyber-space will only grow with every unresolved risk!
Don’t become too dependent on social media comforts as big brother is still watching!

We could be living in a fool's paradise to think that our grasp of reality will not change or bubbles of convenience might be sustainable.
The fact is that regulations keep on changing, disruptions influence change and secrets uncover a dynamic world that keeps on evolving.
Like the crack in the fabric of time and space that Dr. Who encountered, the crack across cyberspace with cybercrime, espionage, fraud, cyber bullying, vandalism, terrorism, cyber warfare and further infringements on privacy only get worse with time, if left unresolved.
Existing rules, strategies and safeguards tend to fall behind and lose their edge, displaced by better game plans, deception or system cracks.
Everyone can do their part to check the trade-off from the long term benefits lost for illusions of added functions or small rewards and accept the responsibility to take appropriate measures to change the situation.
The hunger for secrets, intelligence, and financial gratification can drive business, organised crime, insurgents, hackers or terrorists to corrupt the potential of Cyber space's connectivity. But, by uncovering these deceptions, and vulnerabilities that allow relentless attacks the ongoing risks can be managed, latest technologies adopted, and we can strive for better strategies as discussed further within the following:

  • Cyberspace challenge
  • Beware of false economies
  • Broaden the horizons to what is possible and likely
  • Manage the immediate risks
  • Stay connected to the latest
  • Strive for change

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