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Carve out your own vision

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Excellence is only possible when actively pursued!
Stuck on routine and short of solutions?

Let's put disruption into perspective since everyone has a convenient if not cosy image from their own bubble, not willing to do anything to recognise and avert significant risks or define better visions.
Drugs, corruption, terrorism, poverty… seem to be accepted when little progress is evident that could change their trajectory. Given that conglomerates continue to aspire to monopolise for the sake of endless growth and profit. Politicians also do little towards a common visionas they wave a flag of good intensions while playing with the bounds of credibility. Where does that leave the rest of us to enable visions that can inspire anyone in the ever increasing turbulence of competition without some overall visions that connect purpose to results?
Today’s popular visions see migration plans from controlling internet data to artificial intelligence, employing drivers to driverless cars, … to dupe voters with any unconscious biases to implement biased policies. Not all visions have a clear benefit for society, generally sacrificing the future to feed today’s interest. The distinction might rely on the use of good or bad strategies and tactics, as the norm sets the general direction. The result is either eroding industries or to encourage new ones as the inevitable becomes evident when no opposition exists.
In a blinded or blissful existence we may never consider anything better.
To at least improve our own vision and results, we need to take more positive and decisive measures as discussed for each of the following challenges:

  • Battle bureaucracy when visions are carved in stone
  • Confront diametrically opposite visions
  • Negotiate own space to redefine reality
  • Manage the helter skelter of markets
  • Collective visions

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From opinions to counselling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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