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Fast Forward

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Join the Fast Lane by closing the gaps and building dynamic structures!

" We are the champions" might be an all inspiring theme to launch and ride a vision that captures the imagination and builds competence, direction and drive. Yet, there are a number of obstacles that continue to perplex most that must be overcome to ensure a dynamic environment that thrives on every opportunity. With every good plan comes a degree of trust, perseverance, tenacity, growth and responsibility to evolve even further. These qualities can shape how we tackle each challenge.
Through the valley of death lies a quagmire of illusions and myths that leave most hoping or struggling to achieve something better. These reflect on the many weaknesses that can baffle the most seasoned team of experts or organisations until it is too late. Especially when it seems that the blind lead the blind to accept poor standards, misconceptions and limits in an age of convenience, when pursuing no costs prevails.
Each industry faces their own myopia as their model changes; some with boom and bust cycles, and others on the cusp of life changing advances. The news industry for example is undergoing a transformation from set perspectives towards individual interests with a shift in boundaries, e.g. more Public Relations, PR in organisations to control and capture their own fan base; hence client base with all its financial implications.
To build the dynamic environment that fuels the engines, trends, models for growth and separate the pioneers from their incumbents a number of challenges need to be overcome with the right focus:

  • Value creation
  • Tipping point
  • Bridge the gaps
  • From joint to ecosystem innovation
  • Accelerate beyond our comfort zones

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From opinions to councelling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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