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Boom or bust ideas

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Re-evaluate, Engage, Connect, Synthesis, and Drive
inspired boom or bust ideas to meet unsatisfied, new or hidden needs!
Put the next great idea thru its paces and make it future proof!

With the onset of an ideas boom to reinvigorate innovation, build new industries or set a better path for existing organisations, that may be stuck with ineffective practices and vicious cycles, we need to re-evaluate, engage and connect.
This may be a leap of faith for potentially significant rewards that starts with the formation of teams with diverse capabilities, around ideas of interest that could evolve as a new potential is stimulated.
Naturally the appropriate infrastructures, incentives and support could help start and nurture that process. But, the essential ingredients are the motivation and drive to see it thru. This could be entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs within corporations or the start of a new career filled with passion and purpose.
First, we must build relations to share the same understanding of a potential beyond the routine, mundane, bureaucracies, orthodox or status quo. Next, we can define more encompassing visions and be willing to face the related challenges. Good will could also start this process.
It will not be easy to unshackle the reservations, boundaries or stigmas to toss ideas about and unlock the mysteries that can propel everyone to open minds and pioneer new frontiers with the next great idea.
Skip the valley of death with expert support & a tuned focus, where the leap of faith becomes more like a calculated risk with much more to gain.
A little imagination goes a long way to create an idea with potential to fill the void that plagues all of us, e.g. a new industry, a better life, create jobs, or just make the most of trends and turn risks into opportunities.

Commercialising ideas requires some fundamental considerations that are explored further in the sections of this article:

  • Skills & Capabilities
  • Viability
  • Speed to market
  • Scalable
  • Infrastructure
  • Complexity
  • Ambidextrous

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From opinions to councelling to pearls of wisdom: enjoy the insights and ideas drawn from this article. May it trigger innovations as it is launched into public consciousness.
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