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What is missing in today’s innovation?


Invoke unconditional innovation by enabling collaboration,
the entrepreneurial culture
and the courage to do it better, faster and to do it now!

There was never a greater need for faster and more effective innovation. As seen with Financial Technologies, FinTech, the global race is on to embrace new technologies, knowing that any one idea could revolutionise any industry. Disruptive technologies are a threat as they can override the legal barriers in the absence of protective structures and spread faster eliminating any time to react.
There is a clear business case to invest in innovation like never before given the do or die situation for Industries. A business case that includes improved returns, human capital and better long term prospects. Governments really need to lift their game for improved GDP and global economic stability. Each business, industry, market and country is challenged to innovate and work that much harder so they can lead or just keep up, if at all possible.
It appears that most may believe that the growing number of innovation centres in Mega cities will meet this challenge and dominate innovation into the future, as demonstrated by the level of Venture Capital invested in these start-ups.
Even with their accelerated programs encouraging collaboration they still follow conventions, or ideologies that impose their own barriers.
What might be needed is to lift innovation practices to new standards where collaboration is taken on a grand scale with unconditional innovation, even if it might be inconceivable today. This approach taps into an aligned vision that aims to shape disruptive technologies and carve a path towards a better future, whilst breaking down the barriers created from corrupted and ineffective systems.
This article continues to explore what is needed to achieve this level of innovation with the following:

  • Broader Vision.
  • Nurture Human Capital.
  • Appreciate complexity.
  • Enable creativity.
  • Engage globally.
  • Collaborate.
  • Action plans.
  • Implementation with immediate results.

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