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Managing on the fringe of ineffective or disruptive systems.

Hope lingers beyond the confines of our daily obstacles with better models!

Our world may seem to shrink as compromises accumulate and options become limited. The typical mindset for convenient solutions relies too much on that magic bullet when ineffective systems or disruptive technologies can dominate to create further turmoil, if not managed.

Disruptive technologies considering their infancy may harness the potential industry game changer to overcome ineffective systems or it could add to our problems without some resemblance of direction or control, e.g. Streaming –Music, Crowd funding, mobile payments, Fintech – finance, drone management – delivery+, sharing economy (e.g.uber and Airbnb), big data to the internet of things.

Despite the years of investment and commitment given to some industries or cultures there is a need for a better direction or transformation as seen with the following examples:

  • The current surge of FinTech, latest financial technology opportunities to replace what could become redundant financial systems tomorrow.
  • Deceptive advertising that contributes to growing distrust.
  • Global challenges with disheartening trends and adverse effects, e.g. creating a waste society and the growing dependency on more elaborate security.
  • Health system that relies on new medications at the exclusion of more creative solutions.
  • Political systems filled with good intentions that falls short to inhibit creativity while generating more issues.
  • Legal systems that make poor band aid solutions to mental health, political unrest, or under resourced challenges.
  • Deteriorating Business to Business relations as profit takes priority over sustainability.
  • The many cultures of indulgence that extends beyond junk food and casual alcohol to decisions where rationalizing dominates over reason.
  • Education systems conditioning self-imposed limitations and a mindset to accept the status quo.

Potential solutions may remain unexplored with a growing need for common insights, alignment and supported visions for actions towards a better direction. This article continues to suggest possible transformations in a few areas:

    • Education.
    • Politics.
    • Law.
    • Finance.
    • Business.

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