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That elusive challenge.

Wisdom embodies more than the current body of knowledge to unmask the elusive challenge!

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, while the elusive challenge can be front and centre with all our attention or taunting with dwindling hope or worse, accepted as a lost cause and another self-imposed barrier.
Even with our best efforts, what might not be so obvious are the challenges that are never resolved, that appear every year despite any form of continuous improvement. These reflect on the organisations maturity level, or weaknesses that can define us. Then, there are the challenges that are never considered, as complacent organisations ignore outstanding issues, missed opportunities or broader visions, needed to explore a greater potential.
Whether it is the ROI challenge, pursuit of profit, efficiency, growth, unravelling a paradox, cultures of oppression, stigmas, close to death experiences or implementing a strategy, the key to each challenge has the same underlining premise; to develop beyond the confines of our conditioning or limitations. This may require some additional skills or extraordinary efforts as described in the sections of this article:

  • Research
  • Problem solving.
  • Management skills.
  • Implementing a plan or strategy.
  • Evolving

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