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Create models that can generate results.

Agility, insight, discipline, values and focus above
complacency, deception and procrastination gets results !

The article " Building dynamic environments", (Freese, 2014) touched on the various elements and drivers needed to create nurturing environments and the momentum towards knowledge and competence. The underlying models to achieve immediate results and hit the ground running are explored further in this article, i.e. Business Intelligence, adopting innovations, and to pursue a greater potential via models that can generate results.
Models that generate results must inspire and drive innovation further with sustained growth and a level of maturity through agility, insight, discipline, values and focus. This is evident when innovation is infused with experience to manage risks, attain goals, and overcome new challenges with ease and without hesitation.
In the midst of relentless change comes the ability to manage complexity, turn risks into opportunities, pioneer solutions and successfully execute the plan that brings results to fruition. Such models can be identified in the following:

  • Break free from the confines of ancient and standard practices to evolve, automate and scale up.
  • Expand rather than consolidate enables a new potential.
  • Business Intelligence taken to a new level.
  • Explore and adopt frontiers destined to succeed.
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