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New Year’s resolutions with a difference

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Your family’s quality of life may depend on this year's resolutions. Make the most of it!

Individuals like many companies face their proverbial blunt axe, making little progress to reach their potential, despite new resolutions or yearly attempts with innovative improvement plans. The bottom line may be a lack of confidence, drive, support, insight, capabilities or strategies to get the desired results. An awakening may also be needed, to light a fire that motivates and drives the dead towards a manageable game plan.
Typically, New Year’s resolutions include improved happiness, health, wealth and prosperity measures. In our awakening we need to come to terms with some harsh realities to sharpen our axe, by developing the essential skills and bridge our gaps to the unknown. As " The Evolution of Strategic Management" (Freese, 2013) highlights " Ignorance is no excuse", to unravel the many broken systems that governs our lives and consequently our destinies, if we let them.
Many of us are caught in one of life’s traps and need to wise up to take the appropriate measures, possibly with some help.
Which trap warrants a new year’s resolution with an action plan that can finally get the desired results?:

  • Addicted to some buzz that costs more than an arm and a leg, although it may not be obvious.
  • Wealth creation continues to take a back seat to a life of convenience and obscure directions.
  • Ill prepared for dementia or the many challenges that could await today's aging population.
  • Held in limbo, living life without purpose or direction while enduring all its tricks and traps.
  • That elusive challenge or efforts to improve seem to remain out of reach, as success is continually redefined.
  • Dare to dream of new opportunities, challenges and experiences that can help you evolve.

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Dare to dream, set global visions, inspire and change the future.

United in a common vision can improve how we inspire, communicate,
collaborate and innovate together!
Justice for all is when we can achieve a universal justice!
Business success implies success for all markets, industries and the wider community!
A more compassionate society accepts responsibility for the environment,
Global governance and bridging differences with common Visions and goals!

With so many injustices, poor visions, broken systems and missed opportunities a global vision can make a significant difference. It will not only raise the potential to achieve much more, it will capture a wider network of support where each individual can contribute towards a better outcome while its dynamics helps it evolve.
Why wait for a tragedy to hit before realising that the current systems have so much more to evolve before they can be considered adequate, just or close to functionally useful. Most may still have limited accountability and are self-regulating while degenerating with degrading standards and a lack of interest to correct it before it gets worse.
Like many areas that struggle with poor visions, its evolution seems to follow one crisis after another while its future remains uncertain. Most organisations should be upgrading their visions to match how the future should unfold and broaden their scope and potential.
Some areas that not only need insightful visions but better models to evolve into the next century include:-

  • Justice
  • Governance
  • Business (Start-ups, SME, enterprises, non-profit…)
  • Industries, Markets and Countries.
  • Societies and individuals

•Vision formulae explained

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