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Overcoming procrastination with improved focus, decision making, goal setting, and discipline


Less lip-service, rationalisation or procrastination and more action gets the desired results!

Many may adopt a simple strategy in life to eliminate the negative and tackle inefficiencies to secure their accepted levels of productivity. But, this like many rationalised forms of decision making sets a compromise that will not find their true potential. With that mindset, they may never realise that they have been procrastinating when their definition only considers the extremes. Procrastination becomes evident, when success is measured by outcomes rather than the original goal. A typical sign is when meetings extend beyond 1 hour as best practices are not pursued or considered, i.e. focus in disarray, few aligned values, and little drive evident to meet new heights with innovation.
The blind leading the blind may be appropriate when no one knows anything better and aspirations are limited accordingly. To raise above this dilemma some insight is needed on their potential that can reinvigorate a positive direction, while adopting best practises that secure the appropriate focus, skill and drive to succeed with any challenge.
There are so many ways to procrastinate as some may identify with these examples:

  • Unresolved issues that dominate our subconscious to contribute to a loss of focus.
  • Lack of direction, drive, skills and/or discipline.
  • Ineffective stress relieving practices that become a distraction.
  • Poor time management practices.
  • Misplaced priorities, loyalties or conflicting objectives.
  • Too complacent to consider best practices or useful innovations.
  • Unaware of your potential, and that of your team and organisation.
  • Ill prepared, ready to waste time unnecessarily.
  • Caught in one of life's redundant processes, just marking time.
  • Wasting time arguing, over promoting, or avoiding (e.g.lip-service).

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