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Create bargaining positions to negotiate better conditions, opportunities and prospects


Make the most of today, leverage your advantages with research,
analysis, insights, smart tactics and strategies!
The decisions you make today can impact the rest of your life!

There are so many contracts or propositions with poor conditions and inbuilt disadvantages that set a challenge to explore and create better bargaining positions. Most proposals remain unchallenged while their conditions only get worse with time. Meanwhile opportunities just go unnoticed, unexplored and with time can be lost or become more difficult to envisage.
The time taken to research the proposed agreement can improve any bargaining position and the prospect to negotiate better terms that will also improve your position for the future. The biggest challenge is when the whole industry adopts the same bad practices to depict a deteriorating situation as no other option is evident or easily attainable. Investigating the dynamics involved will uncover the potential consequences of accepting the status quo, conforming and taking no corrective action.
This applies to so many areas, from employment contracts, purchases, properties, partnerships, to the facilities that you use.
So how do you recognise your opportunities to negotiate and improve your bargaining position?
For many it starts by recognising the challenge, a dilemma or specific issue to fuel the drive that can break the cycle of poor decisions or many mistakes with the steps that can set a positive direction:

  • Review the current arrangement or proposition that might not be favourable, to set a goal that can achieve something better with a vision of how things could be.
  • Consider what skills you might need to develop further or include in your team to succeed.
  • Uncover the dynamics and the barriers.
  • Create a position to leverage your advantages.
  • Set the ground work to enable opportunities.
  • Develop new driving forces and opportunities.
  • Build trust and a vision that all parties can support.
  • Secure the deal and its execution.

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