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Evolve by enabling your potential


Beyond thinking, past the threshold to appreciate strategies comes the opportunity to evolve in leaps and bounds.

We do not evolve at the end of a process that may be linked to an incremental improvement. Evolvement is a state of enlightenment which reflects a higher maturity and capabilities to realise a new potential, confirmed with the appropriate results. Continuous improvement that links real time learning with immediate adjustments may secure some progress. That progress can be limited by our own imaginations to solve the bigger systemic issues and the ability to adopt and adjust to better models.
The latest technologies, intelligence, system thinking and governance practices may provide a sense of being enabled. But, if we cannot translate that potential to useful results, the prospect to evolve might be significantly limited, if not put under some risk, e.g. tackling challenges beyond our capabilities.
Mentorship, board of advisors, think groups can lift our outlook and the opportunity to evolve further. The issues behind why poor strategies are still conceived or why good strategies continue to fail is that the opportunity to evolve is not incorporated into the iterative process, to conceive and manage better plans or transformational best practices. Better decisions, visions, capabilities, drive and innovations are enabled when the structural shackles are removed, e.g. Competence development and Dynamic environments are enabled as noted when Non-profit organisations focus on better systems, free from the unnecessary conflicts of interest.
Thus, to raise your potential these key elements are needed on an iterative basis:

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