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A better future with the convergence of international citizenship, morality and responsibilities.


A better future starts with each act, each resolution and a positive direction that gains support.

Many organisations, businesses and industries are caught in their own illusions, deceived to believe their own promotions of being effective and productive. Some may even feel secure with their growth and profits despite the obvious signs of a negative spiral towards another self-fulfilling prophecy.
The endless list of ineffective systems in desperate need of an overhaul or a better direction may become obvious with the growing conflicts of incentives and purpose. Rather than accept it as part of the status quo, the challenge falls on who is willing to do something about it before it is too late to manage. Each acceptance of indiscretions could open the door to further indiscretions that can escalate the situation to more severe consequences, e.g. the battle against drugs, corruption and exploitation become seemingly insurmountable.
System thinkers, Business Managers, and advocates for worthy causes (Woman’s rights, Ethnic rights, Equality, fighting Poverty, Climate change, scarce resources …) get your act together as today’s drivers are evidently not enough. Check the obvious signs and recommendations listed below for each industry to see what each individual can do with a raised sense of urgency and a wave of improvements to help align international morality, goals and clear responsibilities from each of our current roles (e.g. consumers, parents, teachers to politicians).

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