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The battle with aging


There are no second chances as you age; you may have to live with your mistakes.

The battle with aging starts at birth as you prepare for life and all it entails. The biggest disadvantages that you could confront are self-imposed as your outlook sets limitations, shortcomings and barriers that could restrict your ability to live life to the fullest. To reach your potential depends on your ability to recognise and seize opportunities, manage risks and appreciate the finer things in life.

Neglecting your health could have devastating consequences as you gradually loose mobility, senses or worse. Past indiscretions can haunt this battle that impacts your standard of living as societies are poorly equipped to help the elderly with deteriorating systems of care and financial sustainability.

This is a constant battle that needs specialised knowledge and care that can appreciate your circumstances and support your interests as the gaps widen. A bit like the battle of the sexes as described in " The Evolution of Strategic Management" (Freese, 2013), where the rules are likely to change without notice and everything is not what it seems.

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